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The Answers You Need


Why choose Reveled Events & Design?

I am confident and educated in this field but even more so, I am personable. You are going to be with your planner for a while so you want to feel comfortable chatting freely with that person.  I like to be real and honest with my clients.  As you read in my bio, I have been there and I know how you feel. The coordinators that work for my company are fabulous and we all have the same vibe!  We will all be besties by the end! :)

I found out my venue has an in house coordinator, why would I need you?

The short answer is you might not need me. It depends on many factors such as your personality. If you know you are going to stress about all of the small details, you will need me. I have experience being a venue's in house coordinator. Technically my job was to make sure the venue's food was coming out on time, the servers and banquet staff were circulating the room correctly and that things were moving along according to the timeline. The in-house coordinator basically makes sure that the venues staff is on point. They don't really need to be on top of your outside vendors such as photographers, the band, etc. They also usually leave once the cake has been cut and served. Again, for some clients, they are comfortable having the maid of honor partner with the in-house coordinator and do these things at a wedding or someone they trust for a special occasion. For some brides and clients, they need to have that one person (me of course!) there to make sure EVERYTHING is under control and you and all of your guests can relax and have a great time.

Can I pick and choose from your services?

Yes! That is why I have the custom service available. I want to work with you so I am happy to create and tailor a package that works best for you!

What are your services going to cost me?

This really depends on many factors such as the type of event, the complexity of your event, the location, the number of guests and the overall budget. I offer a complimentary consultation to see which service will best suit your needs. I do my very best to work with everyone's budget so let's chat! I look forward to planning a memorable event for you!

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